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Best Advice I Ever Received Ballroom B
Lisa Voisin, Katrina Archer, Patrick Swenson, Danika Dinsmore, Bevan Thomas
Save time and effort by coming out to listen to professional authors and artists share the best advice they've received about writing and the publishing industry. Take away lessons that have been passed down to them, as well as ones from their own experiences.

Growing up a Reader Ballroom B
Andrea Westaway, Jennifer Lott, Randy McCharles, Cathy Ace, Mark Teppo, Dani Duck
Join the panel for a discussion about what books and stories while growing up had the most influence. Did any of them shape who you are today? Which ones have stuck with you? Have you reread any of them? What books are timeless, that every generation should read?

How To Finish What You Start Ballroom B
Kevin Harkness, Randy McCharles, Lisa Voison, Cathy Ace, Alex C Renwick, Dani Duck
Whether you're an artist, writer or crafting aficionado, everyone can have problems finishing what they started. Panelists share tips on the best ways to maintain your momentum and make it all the way to the end.

How to Market Yourself Ballroom B
Danika Dinsmore, Peter Darbyshire, Kristene Perron, JP McLean
Whether you're a writer or artist, indie or traditionally published, marketing yourself is vital to a successful career. What are the best tools out for getting your product out there? What should be avoided? What should your marketing budget look like? Are there any unique ideas left?

Improv Storytelling Ballroom B
Sandra Wickham, Mark Teppo, Colleen Anderson, Danika Dinsmore, Jennifer Lott
Audience members participate in this live, improvised story time by submitting words for the panelists to incorporate into their on the spot tales. Panelists will tell a story, round robin style, using the audience suggestions. No one knows what will happen, though laughter is guaranteed!

Live Action Slush Ballroom A
Claude Lalumière, Patrick Swenson, Mark Teppo, Jennifer Landels, Alex C Renwick Reader: Ian Alexander Martin
Our panel of editors and publishers listen to anonymously read story openings and comment on why they would or would not wish to consider the complete work. Bring the 1st page of your manuscript to be anonymously read aloud and receive comments from our panel of authors and editors. This event is both fun and educational!

The Dollars and Sense of Self-Publishing Ballroom B
Mark Teppo, Sabina Khan, Randy McCharles, Jo-Anne McLean, Katrina Archer
Doing it yourself is all well and good, but put 4 self-published authors in a room and you will hear 5 ways to go about it. So let's do that. e-Book only? Does CreateSpace work for Canadian authors? Where are the hidden costs? How do I get a good cover? My kingdom for a good editor. How soon will I get rich? Self-published authors tell all.

The Exile Book of New Canadian Noir Panorama 2nd Floor
An anthology launch event with Claude Lalumière, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Colleen Anderson, and Alex C. Renwick.

The Importance of Diversity in Fiction Ballroom B
Sabina Khan, Christel Bodenbender, Jessica Corra, Lynda Williams, Bevan Thomas
The diversity in the world around us is not adequately represented in fiction today. How can we make sure that readers can see themselves reflected in the characters they read about? How can we include the entire spectrum of cultures, genders & abilities in our narratives? Come and join a discussion on the urgent need for diversity in fiction today.

What are agents, editors and publishers looking for?Ballroom B
Susan Pieters, Patrick Swenson, Silvia Garcia-Moreno, Ian Alexander Martin
Join the conversation as editors, publishers and professional authors discuss what the industry is looking for, from how to professionally submit your work to whether there's anything that's been overdone.


Crime Writing with Cathy Ace Ballroom A
Join Cathy Ace, author of The Cait Morgan Mysteries, The WISE Enquiries Agency Mysteries and the National Vice President of Crime Writers of Canada as she discusses crime writing in Canada and how she does it.

David vs Goliath: writing the mismatched fight scene with JM Landels Ballroom A
Everyone loves an underdog, and having the little guy triumph in your story is gets your audience cheering along. But how do you make the reader believe it when your 90 lb weakling takes down the musclebound bully, or your wee slip of a girl lays out an armoured knight, a gang of street thugs and a pack of wolves? In this fun and interactive session, author and editor JM Landels brings her years of swordfighting and martial arts (mostly against larger opponents) to the writing table to demonstrate techniques that actually work, and discuss the realistic use of equalizers like swords, guns, horses and office furniture.

Everything From Nothing: Giving Yourself Permission To Be Creative with GoH Mark Teppo Ballroom A
Every book starts with that first blank page. In this presentation, Mark Teppo will discuss how to eradicate that first page fear. And once you've gotten one page done, then the next is easier. This lively discussion will track the various stages of the creative process-from starting, to making progress, to finishing-and will give you useful tips and suggestions on how to give yourself permission to stay on track the whole way.

Health and Fitness for Creative People with Sandra Wickham Ballroom A
Strong in body, stronger in mind! Join fitness professional and author Sandra Wickham for an informative session on how to incorporate health and fitness into your life, how it will benefit your creative endeavours and how to start and stick with your health and fitness goals.

Intro to Self-Publishing with Kristene Perron Ballroom A
So you've heard self-publishing is the best/worst thing to happen to writing since Gutenberg's printing press and you're wondering if it's right for you? In this one hour, hands-on workshop, author Kristene Perron dispels the myths, exposes the scams, and shows what it takes to self-publish successfully. From first draft to first sale, you'll learn the questions you'll need to ask and the tools you'll need to determine your publishing path. Topics include: * Timelines and budget * DIY vs self-publishing services * Formatting, editing, cover and interior design * Choosing the best publishing option * Self-publishing resources

Jumpstarting the Novel with GoH Mark Teppo Ballroom A
In this hour long presentation, Mark Teppo will discuss techniques for brainstorming the bare-bones outline for a novel. He'd discuss the Core Questions, show you how to map your (still unwritten) book to several classic narrative structures, and to envision the movie trailer of your (yep, still unwritten) book. At the end of this presentation, your book will almost write itself. Almost.

World Building Workshop with Lynda Williams Ballroom A
Readers of SF are looking for exotic worlds to explore. But how far is too far? Bring your challenges and anecdotes to seek solutions and compare notes on the business of making it like nothing on Earth ... but still interesting to Earthlings. Explore some tricks for how to remain consistently alien without committing info dumps and how to ensure characters personify their culture. Lynda will use excerpts from her own 10-novel, universe-founding series as examples, but will focus on engaging participants in discussions that draw on other sources, including their own writing. Also featured will be a couple of short writing exercises, shared in small groups, to illustrate how to dramatize background through story action.

Writing for Comics with Bevan Thomas Ballroom A
Join Bevan Thomas, writer and editor for Cloudscape Comics, as he talks about writing comics: the inspirations, the process, and the final result. How do you get ideas? What should go into a comic script? What makes writing for comics different from writing for something else? How does the collaboration work? And, of course, the most important question: if you can't draw, how do you find someone to illustrate your story? Whether you're interested in intensely autobiographical graphic novels, thrilling superhero action, evocative manga, humorous cartoons, wild science fantasy, or some other genre altogether, this presentation will show you how it's done.

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Lunch and Keynote

We're having a catered buffet lunch including a Keynote address by the always inspirational Devon Boorman. Come hang out with other creative folks, have a great meal and hear a motivational talk.

NOTE: The brunch is an optional event, with an extra fee. Attendees can purchase a ticket to the lunch, do their own thing for lunch, or even attend just the lunch and keynote.

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Blue Pencil Sessions

This is your opportunity to sit down with an industry professional for fifteen minutes, to share you work and receive immediate feedback. Bring three pages of your best work (double-spaced for authors, artwork for artists ). The pro will read (or view) your work and give their input. You may also want to bring your questions about troubles you're having with the piece.

Blue Pencil Sign Up Now Available!

The following authors are available for Blue Pencil sessions. Email

Email: to book your session now!

Blue Pencils:

GROUP ONE: 10:00am-11:00am
Kevin Harkness
Kristene Perron
Susan Pieters
Alex C. Renwick

GROUP TWO: 11:00am-12:00pm
Jennifer Landels
Sabina Khan
Jessica Corra
Catherine Girczyc *movie and television scripts only*
Danika Dinsmore

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