Grand Villa 2 Firenze-75 Venezia -35 Lobby Board Room                                                          
1:00PM Ghost Stories  How to Swim Through Rejections How to Get an Agent BP-Rissa Johnson
  KT Wagner      
2:00PM Drawing creative courage from our milestones<3 Designing Character Backgrounds Humour-How Do We Do It? BP - Ellen Michelle / Kristi Charish                                                          
  Donna Barker                                                                
3:00PM David vs Goliath Author etiquette in a world of social media  You're Here! Make the Most of It KaffeKlatch-Ken Scholes
  JM Landels                                                                
4:00PM Character Development Bootcamp Perspectives on Self Pub/Hybrid Growing Up A Reader BP - Holly Schofield
  Danika Dinsmore                                                                
5:00PM An Hour With Ken Scholes Is the Okal Rel Saga OptimisticSF?  Writing Dark Stories Pitches-Sandra Kasturi / Chizine Publications 
    Lynda Williams, Ellen Michelle                                                              
6:00PM Live Action Slush - Early edition Where Should Art Boldly Go? Writing Workshops BP -Frank Talaber / Danika Dinsmore
    Tom Wright, Manny Frishberg                                                              
  Eileen Kernaghan, Ken Scholes                                                                
8:00PM DEALER ROOM MEET AND GREET Friday Night Readings  
9:00AM Q and A With Brenda Carre:  Creating Tension Crossing Genres Pitches - Ellen Michelle / Reality Skimming Press                                                          
        Pitches - Samantha Beiko / Chizine Publications                                                           
10:00AM Getting Started with Scrivener Book Publishing Express Stress Management for Creative The Hour Stories
  Katherine Prairie S.M. Beiko                                                              
11:00AM Unlock Your Writing Soul Adding Mystery to Your Fiction How Long is Your Chapter?  
  Adam Dreece                                                                
12:00PM Prepping For Self-publication Writing Fight Scenes Writing the Future BP- Ken Scholes
  JM (Jo-Ann) McLean                                                                
1:00PM Project Management Tools for Creative Inkers  Real Life Superwomen No Spoilers Allowed Kaffeeklatch-Eileen Kernaghan
  Sadiq Somjee                                                                
2:00PM Writing for Comics Feeding Your Muse I Have Too Many Ideas! BP- Samantha Beiko
  Bevan Thomas                                                                
3:00PM Reading, Q & A with Eileen Kernaghan Beyond Social Media  Beta Readers: How to Find Them, How to Be a Good One Pitches- Brian Hades / EDGE Publications
4:00PM CLOSED Romance Writers of America - Author Panel Easter Eggs  Pitches -Mark Teppo / Resurrection 
6:00PM CLOSED Story Telling on the Fly Myth, Fable and Folktale Retellings, Twists, and Mash-ups
7:00PM Blues Stories Creating Believable Characters Real world politics in fiction. Using words as weapons.
  Tyner Gillies                                                                
8:00PM Group Autograph Session    
9:00AM Awesomeness TBA Plotting for Those Who DonŐt  TBA BP -Mel Anastasiou/ Tom Wright                                                          
  Neil Enock Manny Frishberg                                                              
10:00AM Creative Book Promotion Best Advice I Ever Received How To Market Yourself Pitches - JM Landels/ Pulp Literature 
  Rob Boffard                                                                
11:00AM Understanding Literary Pub Deals How to Create A Writing Routine (and stick with it) Research BP-Katherine Prairie / Adam Dreece
  Jeff Young                                                                
12:00PM Finding Your Ideal Reader Building and Nurturing a Writing Community How to Kill Characters BP - Eileen Kernaghan
  Jill Flanagan                                                                
1:00PM Hands on Calligraphy Valuing Your Work Raise The Stakes Teenage Writers -- an open session 
  Barbara Gordon                                                                
2:00PM Thanks for Attending! Build An Empire on the Fly Polar Borealis Magazine  Pitches - Brian Hades EDGE SF and Fantasy
  Eileen Kernaghan, Ken Scholes   R. Graeme Cameron                                                            
3:00PM Skeleton Keys After the Critique Readers Want To Know BP - JM Landels / Tod McCoy
  Michele Fogal                                                                
4:00PM GET REAL: How Creative Nonfiction Technique can Help Your Fiction  Imposter Syndrome  Historical Fiction Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them BP - Tyner Gillies / Colleen Anderson
  Ace Baker                                                                
5:00PM Live Action Slush Procrastinators Edition Plot Twists What's Your POV?