Grand Villa 2 Firenze-75 Venezia -35 Lobby Board Room
FRIDAY       Sign up required for Board Room Sessions
9AM-12PM Master Class *Sign Up Required      
1:00PM Writing for Comics Designing Character Backgrounds Memorable Author Reading Blue Pencil
        Rhonda Parrish / Susan Pieters / Sylvia Taylor (Red)
2:00PM Fire Up your Fiction Research Starting is the Hardest Part Blue Pencil
        Chadwick Ginther / Manny Frishberg / Jonas Saul
3:00PM Your Story Sucks! The Grey Side of Anti-Heroes Write What You Know or What You Want? Red Pencil
        Holly Schofield / Rissa Johnson / Stacey Kondla
4:00PM Slush-pile Confidential Find Your Writer's Voice How Not To Be "That" Person Red Pencil
        Tod McCoy / Kevin Harkness / / Michelle Vandepol
5:00PM Secret Formula to Unlocking Freelance Writing Dreams Swords and Martial Arts for Writers Romancing the Monster Pitches
        Tod McCoy - Hydra House / Agent Stacey Kondla
7:00PM Creating Immersive Worlds  Friday Night Readings Let's Chat About the Works of GoH, Kevin Hearne! Blue Pencil
        S.G (Sandra) Wong / JM Landels / Ellen Michelle
9:00AM Adding Mystery to Your Fiction How To Get An Agent Definitive Truths Behind Your Anger and Mental Health Red Pencil
         J. C. McKenzie 
10:00AM Understanding Literary Publishing Deals Beyond Social Media Creating Tension Kaffeeklatch
        C.C. (Chris) Humphreys
11:00AM Developing Graphic Novels Feeding Your Muse Levels of Editing Blue Pencil
        Kevin Hearne
12:00PM Writing Short Fiction How Editors Think Real Life Superwomen Blue Pencil
        Lisa Voisin / Holly Schofield / J. C. McKenzie
1:00PM Creating Your WHAT with Your WHO(s) Writing Fight Scenes NaNoWriMo, is it RiMo for You? New West Writers' Critiques
2:00PM Practical Linguistics in the Development of Voice  Silence Your Inner Critic Writing For The Busy  
3:00PM Blue Stories Plot or Character: Which Comes First? MG and YA  
4:00PM CLOSED Creating Believable Characters Podcasting 101  Pitches
        JM Landels - Pulp Literature
  5:00-6:00 *ticket required      
6:00PM   Storytelling on the Fly How to Create A Writing Routine Red Pencil
  CLOSED     Sue Pieters / Rhonda Parrish / John Mavin
7:00PM What Drug is the Perfect Murder Weapon? Live Action Slush–General Edition Is All Procrastination Fear? Blue Pencil
        Adam Dreece / Tod McCoy / R. Graeme Cameron
8:00PM Group Autograph Session      
9:00PM Channel 73 3/4 Improv      
10:00AM What Are the Limitations of YA?   Yoga for Writers  How to Swim Through a Sea of Rejections Kaffeeklatch
        Kevin Hearne
11:00AM Writer On Fire!   The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Collaborative Writing Pulp Literature Reading Pitches
        Ellen Michelle - Constellate Publishing / Jim Jackson - Kouros Publications
12:00PM The Alchemy of LifeStory: Turning Memories into Manuscripts  How to Build a Story How To Finish What You Start Tricks of the Trade I Would Have Taught My Younger Self
        Brenda Carre *no sign up, just show up!
1:00PM Guided Meditation for Writers Best Advice I Ever Recevied Publishers Panel Red Pencil
        R. Graeme Cameron / Manny Frishberg / Sylvia Taylor
2:00PM Block Busters: How to Overcome Writer’s Block Great Dialogue Breathes Life into a Story Improvising Into Writing Blue Pencil
        C.C. (Chris) Humphreys / Brenda Carre
3:00PM Top 10 Steps to Sell Your Manuscript Live Action Slush-YA and MG Productivity Hacks for Writers Red Pencil
        JM Landels /Tod McCoy  / Jonas Saul
4:00PM Hang with C.C. (Chris) Humphreys How to Create a Killer Opening Writing Workshops Blue Pencil
        Sylvia Taylor / Jonas Saul / Stacey Kondla